The full solemn majesty of the Great Spider, and his First Arachnid Church, can be overwhelming to the novice. We present here only a few extracts from the many records saved by Washuu from the burning of the Library of Alexandria. Washuu is at least 20,000 years old, and in ancient days encountered Spiderism at its most glorious. In gratitude she has been made Low Priestess of the First Arachnid Church, second in rank only to the Chief Prophet himself.

We begin with a voice crying in the wilderness of the nineteenth century,

The story of the rediscovery of the Book of Eucalyptus, and the memories of the Chief Prophet.

Here we have one of the Church's earliest twentieth-century tracts.

Followed by interfaith dialogue here and here.

We have begun a hymnbook for this New Era of Spiderism.

Have already dealt with schism and heresy,

And opened communications with the adherents of the false god Herbie.