A true excerpt from
The Western Examiner
St. Louis, Missouri, 1836:

Messrs. Editors: I was once a believer in the existence of a Being such as Christians call God, and was loud in proclaiming my belief, calling on those who did not believe as I did, to prove there was no God. I am now a proselyte to the sect of Soofis, who believe that the Giver of all Good, the Creator of the Universe, is a Spider; and I now call upon Christian theologians to prove me wrong to prove that God is not an incomprehensible, omnipotent great Spider that the Universe is not his web, and that all things are not, eventually, to be drawn within the divine body. Until they can prove all this, they must admit that Soofism is, at least, as rational a belief as any other kind of Godism extant. Tela


*N.B. Words imported from languages that do not use the Roman alphabet tend to shift around in our spelling. Soofi is the word we spell today as Sufi.

Note: The full, grandiloquent name of the Western Examiner is: The Western Examiner, A journal embodying a full and impartial enquiry into the truth or falsity of the Christian religion; whether philosophically or historically viewed. The actual typography is interesting, in the manner of the 19th century.