Hymns to the Spider
The ancient musical notation of our scrolls is yet to be deciphered.
Suggestions are made of modern tunes that may work.


The Web of All
(transcribed by scribe AK
No music suggested as of yet.)

The Spider rules the Web of All
The lesser Gods rule Men.
Men grasp the Web of Nature’s lives
Which trembles, twists, and then
Reforms anew another Web
Changes rippling wider;
Returning back upon their source.
Where, then, is the Spider?

The Gods we know by their caprice;
Men, we can touch and feel.
The Spider is the iron law
That rules a Web of steel –
A Web that spans all time and space
And Gods and Men enfolds.
Dare we say such a potent thing
Is without source, or goals?


The Spider King of Everything
(transcribed by Scribe AK
Try the tune of The Bastard King of England)

Oh, the choirs sing of a Spider King, Who rules the Universe.
Now, as a God, He is rather odd, but we could have done much worse.
He eats dead souls, and finds them whole/some, but He won’t eat mine –
I’ve paid my bribe to His priestly tribe. Them and I get on just fine!

Oh, He’s huge, and hairy, and full of grace,
With a soul-eating grin upon His Face!
All praise the glorious Great Spider!

Now, them what’s worst are surely curst; the Spider never fails!
Them sinful sods will find their bods in cosmic dinner-pails.
They scoffed and jeered, and never feared the Spider’s holy men –
But now they’ve died, they cannot hide: The Spider eats again!


Ah, those blessèd souls who’ve paid their tolls shall win to Paradise!
You need but look within the Book – Euc’lyptus never lies.
So find a priest, and pay at least a piece of gold or four –
Though shorter waits at Heaven’s gates are had by paying more.