Move right along. Nothing to see here ...

Now I will grant you, I'm not 20,000 years old, I haven't been to Space Academy, and there are no Space Pirates in my family. But I have had an interesting life, involving atom-smashers and exploding laboratories. I've transmuted palladium into silver (un-economical, but it's the principle of the thing). I almost got thrown out of MIT on a blasphemy rap. I've tramped around volcanoes, and gone down lava tubes to see what they're like. (Humid, with roots hanging down. Felt like the early Jurassic. I expected giant dragonflies to go along with the cycads surrounding the entrance.)

These days I am freshly retired from being a museum curator, in which job I was able to hobnob with an entire vault full of marvelous things, including a sphere of amber the size of a grapefruit which was made, in the eighteenth century, into an electrostatic generator. I'm probably the only person in the state qualified to repair and service eighteenth-century electrical apparatus.

And for several years, I actually made my living as a mad scientist. That's not OVA Washuu, but it'll do for me. Now all I need is a cabbit. If you want to get in touch with me, I'm right here -


Being retired gives me more time to write. I've recently had a novel published: Secret Murder: Who Shall Judge? You can visit my fiction page to read the first chapter, or go directly here. It's available on Amazon as well, in both trade paperback and Kindle forms.

And a few decades back, I encountered the most interesting religion: The First Arachnid Church. . As a goddess Myself, I understand these things - and the Great Spider makes more sense than many of the gods I've met. He obviously belongs on the Web.