What Shall We Do With A Drunken Super?

Your average superhero is capable of doing great harm. Your average supervillain can do worse. How can Metropolis survive?

Most supers have something else in mind. It's high school all over again, with powers. Rich is good, demolishing enemies is good, reputation is even better. Supers - hero and villain alike - are chiefly interested in one-upping one another as soon as they've pulled together the basics of a comfortable life. Look at the case of Doctor Death! He managed a decent body-count, mostly civilians, and got caught time after time - but none of the supers did anything permanent. They just put him in jail, and we all know how well that works with supers. He had an awesome reputation, and so did the supers that caught him.

But when the news got out that Doctor Death was a child molester, every hero and villain in Twinopolis lit out after him. He barely escaped with his life, and left several important sections of his anatomy behind. Rumor has it he's hiding in Antarctica, living on penguins (which he fries with his Finger of Death). And when he tried to swim to the comparative luxury of Patagonia, reports say he was severely damaged by a vast school of carnivorous krill. But then, if anybody knows that there are fates worse than death, it's Kaptain Krill; and he isn't talking. He can't.

I met the various people in my cast over quite a span of years. I thought I'd introduce them to you in order.

Professor Wadleigh
Captain Mercaptan
Innocenzia deMure
Jimmy Crockett and Miss Power