Innocenzia was Potiphar's friend and companion in college, and his colleague at work. Romance never seemed the thing for them to do. Their life was uncomplicated until the laboratory accident that gave Potiphar his powers and launched him on his life as Captain Mercaptan.

Potiphar had been blasted full of powerful male hormones by the explosion. So had Innocenzia, poor thing; they didn't work nearly as well for her. She was a gymnast already, and she grew strong - and strongly attractive to women. (Her attraction was especially powerful for female gorillas, wolverines, polecats, and housecats. Those were the pheremones Potiphar had been experimenting with. But human females were also caught in the fringes of the effect.)

With a certain amount of power, she tried the hero business for a while, under the name of Mousse, but found it ultimately unsatisfying. With her pheromones, she ended up living a life apart. She had a small income, but hoped for more. So she became fashion designer to the super-community. With her strength (and adamantium scissors) she was able to handle kevlar and nomex as easily as most seamstresses handled cotton. The male supers treated her like a buddy; and her mind-control let her deal with the female supers. It wasn't the best social life, but she was with her own people. And she had enough power of her own to deal with the occasional deadbeat that all artisans are faced with.

She often socialized with Potiphar Pugh, whom she recognized as Captain Mercaptan. They'd both had their noses burnt out in the explosion. He was completely immune to her pheromones, and she was completely immune to the skunks he kept around the skunk-cave. The skunks weren't immune to her, though; every time she and Potiphar sat down for some television, every lady skunk in the vicinity crowded onto her lap. Fortunately, she thought skunks were cute.