I find history is both a hobby and a vocation:

It is nice when your work and your hobby go hand-in-hand. And when you're 20,000 years old, history is a bit more personal. Often, essays or articles are the result. Here are a few.

Return With Us Now, to those Shocking Days of Yesteryear - a short history of electrostimulation for pain relief and muscle therapy, from Roman days to the cardiac pacemaker.

The Life and Times of Victor Frankenstein - looking at Frankenstein as fiction firmly grounded in the science of its day.

For Whom Bell Toils: Medical Imaging by Telephone - the first use of the metal detector was in medicine.

The Medical Uses of Magic - an invocation of the placebo effect.

Phrenology and the Psycograph - measuring mental abilities by bumps on the skull

The Bite of Pain - medicine and electricity go up against the tooth-ache