As you might imagine,

a 20,000-year-old genius can accumulate a few stories in her day. Some of them are true. A few I have embellished a wee bit. (Smile at the nice people, bit-chan! ) Why, some I have even made up out of whole cloth! I leave it as an exercise for the discerning reader to decide which is which.

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Secret Murder: My alternate-universe murder mystery. Get a short description and the first chapter here.

Thorolf and the Peacock:  A side-story to an episode that took place about 800 years ago, in Secret Murder. Did I tell you I wrote a book? The cover is on the welcome page! Go buy the book, the links are there.

The Old Shell Game: this guy shows up in Dances With Werewolves, but not as a player. He's a link between the Outlook, and the Supers. 

Dances With Werewolves: the first of the Outlook stories, wherein it is explained that "werewolf" is a generic term for Weres, and that the true wolves are actually quite rare. Lime.

Cycles of Violence: worse things than werewolves and wendigos might show up in your bar.

Fanfiction: Why not?

The Strange Case of the Misplaced Superhero: this is my first fanfic, from back in 1961 when I was young and in college. (I wrote things in high school also, but they don't count as fanfic.) It holds up rather well for a teenage writer -- but be gentle, good reader. It's here as an example.

Variations on a theme: Not fanfic, but meditations on fanfic.

What's in a Name? Sailor Moon learns something about youma.

Different Colors: A Ranma-neko story cycle. Left-click here to read the book, right-click to download. PDF format. This version is revised July 20, 2012, and can be considered authoritative. Does not include prelude, interlude, postludes.

Dances With Werewolves: Prelude. Not a Ranma fanfic, but it sets up the world for Different Colors.

A Horse of a Different Color: Ranma 1/2 crossover with The Outlook.

A Bear of a Different Color: Ranma 1/2 crossover with The Outlook. Ranma makes friends with his Cat.

A Curse of a Different Color: Ranma has come to terms with the neko-ken. But now he's back in Nerima. How will everybody else come to terms with the new Ranma? Now with added divine intervention!

Interlude in Pale Green: Ranma is part cat, and as we all know, cats will eat dead fish. But what about Akane's cooking? What about Kuno's cooking?

Blue Amazon: Ranma deals with Cologne and Shampoo. The Kunos deal with Genma.

Red Letter Day: From the Kunos to Akane, Ranma's life will never be the same.

Polychrome Panda: Ranma, Akane, and Shampoo are faced with a decision. So is Ryoga, but not the same decision.

Pinkku Monday: There are problems with having the acute senses of a cat.

In The Black: Poor Genma - he wins the lottery. And Kasumi is cookin'. Watch out for the black helicopters.

Bright Golden Crystal: Ranma, Shampoo, and Akane, oh my!

Black Cat: A gathering of cats at the Cat Cafe.

A Grey and Quiet World: The cats get down to business. Ukyo and Konatsu are back from their honeymoon. Bjorn arrives in town as Genma leaves.

Brown Bear: Luna shares a terrible secret, and Ranma won't tell Nabiki what it is. What's this? Two Shampoos?

Between the Daimohn and the Deep Blue Sea: The dojo is challenged, the Outer Senshi are frustrated, and Genma is deep in trouble.

Black and White and Wet All Over: My Dinner With Kuno. Genma finds that, once out of the pit, he's still deep in trouble.

Red Maraschino Cherries: Toasted daimohn, and ice cream with the Sailor Scouts.

Grey Ghost: And who do you want to be?

Crimson Ink: Nobody got in the way! Genma gets a job!

White Wedding: Sometimes a wedding needs a bouncer. And it turns out one of the bouncers doesn't bounce too well. Final chapter.

Green Tea: Interlude: A short conversation between Ranma and Sasuke.

Cycles of Violence: Postlude 1. Bjorn returns to Minnesota in time for the elections.

Genma's Travels: Postlude 2. After meeting with a Lama, Genma returns to Nerima.

Ryoga's Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Really Bad Day: Postlude 3. Ryoga makes a bad mistake, but ends up with divine approval anyway.

Pride Goeth Before A Fall: Postlude 4. The Outers learn some humility.

Supers: I started writing superhero comics in the early Sixties, somewhat before the rise(?) of the Underground Comics. I was neither aboveground nor below - I called it "ground level comics". I'm told some parvenu comic company later adopted the name. I've been playing with the concept ever since, and it's grown into a story arc with about fifteen episodes. (Think of it as moving from Lake Wobegon to the Big City, with supers. It's the same world as the Outlook, but mostly a different cast.) You can meet some of the ideas and people here. The stories themselves are in a variety of formats.

0 - A Scent of Vengeance - Text. Captain Mercaptan's first appearance.

1 - Introductions - Comic script. Meet Jimmy Crockett, Miss Power, and the wonderful world of Twinopolis. This one shares the usual weaknesses of origin stories, and it really could use a rewrite; but though it's not much of a story, I think it has some really neat ideas and explanations in it.

2 - A Busy Day, With Skunks - Comic script. Captain Mercaptan takes vengeance upon the FBI, and encounters his old friend Prof. Wadleigh in the process.

3 - Robots On The Town - Scenario with dialogue. The good Professor's thirtieth birthday is coming up, and his robots want to get him a present.

4 - Suitable For Framing - Scenario with dialogue. Miss Power is annoyed at Wadleigh's robots for throwing a biting dog at her, so she comes up with a fiendish - and low-tech - plan for revenge.

5 - Meet The Press - Comic script. Rocketking concocts a foolproof scheme to make money.

6 - Master of the Universes - Comic script. A night at the Super-Heroes' Club, and beyond.

7 - Puff's Tale - Comic scenario. Not all the supers are human ....

9 - The Old Shell Game - Text. What happens when a super has an adventure in his civilian guise?

11- Icarus has a really bad week: Illustrated. Life can get complicated when supers change allegiance. This was actually the second story written as a part of "Supers", way back when I was doing scripts for Star Studded Comics. (The first story simply wouldn't translate into a script, and was replaced by "Meet The Press", which managed the same endpoint. SSC didn't publish it, so it was picked up by Carl Gafford's Minotaur. Carl rewrote it using a generic hero named Icarus instead of the SSC hero it was originally written for.)