After Winter Solstice
Elli Lutemaker
Nordskogen Twelfth Night, AS XI


Now the days begin to lengthen,
Shaman's shadow-staff declares;
Stronger each day, warming Sun-shaft
Wars 'gainst Winter's icy airs.

Not this year the Fimbul-Winter -
Year of darkness, year of cold!
Though his frigid hand doth grasp us,
Winter weakens, and grows old.

Climbing Heaven's clouded ramparts,
Warmth foretelling, Spring shall come!
Armies of the Sun shall surely
Winter's fastness overcome!

As the Hunter rules the night-sky,
Send our hunters forth with spear,
Bow and arrow, smith-forged knife blade;
Hunt us now the Winter's deer.

Bring the meat back to the kitchens,
Let the turnspit slowly spin.
Sun is coming, Spring shall follow -
Winter's festival begins!