The Artful Vampire Slayers

It's the strangest adventure I've ever been on, and after this scene hit its climax, the entire table of players was unable to continue for over twenty minutes due to helpless laughter. The Dungeon Master was Richard Tatge. I'm the Spiderist Priestess on top of the glass, and I think the dwarf priest with the crucifix was Larry Brommer. (I've learned a lot more about armor since then. At this stage, I was still channeling Doctor Doom's garniture.) I'd talked the dungeonmaster into giving me the powers of breakfast cereals, and was carrying a bag of Trix at the time. Nobody but the dungeonmaster knew what would happen. We'd killed a dragon, and were somewhat short-tempered about the vampire, so I tossed a Trix at him. The GM rolled, a giant glass of water materialized around the vampire, and one of those glass drinking birds appeared to drink out of the glass.

The vampire was ducked to the bottom of the water, of course, to avoid being impaled by the bird's beak. So I climbed up and tied a vampire stake to the beak whilst our faithful dwarf kept the vampire from escaping.

Then I poured in the Holy Water.