The folk in the pot are (left to right) Lady Boomerang, The Black Triangle, Whizzer, and The Atlantean.
The cook is a rock-troll named Gloamgrn, and I don't think we ever did get the name for the troll on the throne.

The Australians' big mistake was in taking on only our superhero characters, forgetting the more gonzo types we played with. In order of appearance: (Pg 1) Dr. Barnacle and the Banana Fiends; (Pg 2) The Whistling Rapettes; (Pg 3) The Intergalactic Squash, Smiling Captain Death, the Whistling Rapist, and the Banana Fiends again. Most of these characters belong to Ken Fletcher. Gloamgrn and the unidentified Rock Troll belong to Richard Tatge. The illustrations were originally done on spirit duplicator masters. Preserved over the years, they were scanned from the dye side, then flipped in the computer to yield these illustrations. I did the cover; for the interior, Ken Fletcher did the pencils and I did the finish work.